Installing a Hob

Finding a reliable, competent, friendly engineer for installing a hob can be a tedious process. However Cooker Service are more than confident when selecting an engineer for a job such as installing a hob  as all of our engineers are true professionals and this definitely shows in the work.

When installing a hob in your home you may have a number of concerns about the way installing a hob should be completed, the cost for installing a hob, who can install a hob, the regulations for installing a hob. Any question or query you have in regards to installing a hob can be answered by one of our professional team, whether it is over the phone or at the time of installing a hob.

Cooker Service is proud to inform you that we have over 25 years of experience in installing, disconnecting and servicing gas hobs, gas cookers and gas ovens and are considered highly professional and trustworthy amongst our customers. All of our gas engineers are Gas Safe registered and have mastered their skills by continuously providing a dependable and timely service.

Whether you require our expertise for installing a hob in your home, disconnecting an old hob or servicing your hob, we are there to provide solutions to all your hob problems. We know what our customers’ needs are and provide exactly what they want without wasting their time and money. So give Cooker Service a call and we can book in an appointment at a suitable time for your appointment for installing a hob. You can also enquire any doubts or quires you may have about your installing a hob.

For further information, please call 020 8951 6822 or email and we will deal with your request.

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