Gas Hob Safety

Safety begins with awareness. Gas hob safety is crucial as gas is the most dangerous substance found in your home. On a day-to-day basis people are using the gas hob without even thinking about gas hob safety.

Gas hob safety can be as simple as keeping children away from the gas hob; however we can sometimes forget these simple gas hob safety guidelines which can cause unwanted and sometimes severe accidents.

At Cooker Service we aim to ensure that all of our customers are provided with the knowledge of gas hob safety needed to ensure they stay safe in their home at all times. We have conducted a list of gas hob safety guidelines for your awareness.

  1. Keep children away from gas hobs, gas oven or gas cookers at all times.
  2. Never leave a gas hob unattended.
  3. Always ensure that the handles of your pots and pans are facing either the side or back of the hob to avoid them be knocked easily and causing accidents.
  4. Keep gas hobs clean as the build-up of grease can cause fires.
  5. Never try and fix your gas hob yourself, always hire a professional.

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