Gas Hob Fitting Instructions

Are you looking for gas hob fitting instructions to help you understand your gas hob fitting? This article can help you understand the gas hob fitting instructions and why they are important.

Whenever you purchase a new gas hob, you receive the gas hob fitting instructions along with it. These gas hob fitting instructions are not to be used by you or anyone who is unqualified or Gas Safe registered. The reason you are provided with gas hob fitting instructions is to assist your engineer when installing your gas hob.

When reading through your gas hob fitting instructions you may feel that the steps seem simple enough for you to follow, however it is important to remember that gas is one of the most dangerous substances found in the home and can potentially cause great danger with severe consequences.  Not at any point should you assume that reading the gas hob fitting instructions qualifies you to connect the gas hob on your own.

It is a legal requirement that you hire an expert even if you have read and understood your gas hob fitting instructions. At Cooker Service we ensure the gas hob fitting instructions are followed correctly and that the final safety checks are made to ensure you have a safe connection.

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