Fitting Gas Hobs

Fitting gas hobs is no easy task. The Cooker Service team understands this. What is easy however is picking up the phone and calling us or dropping us an email and one of our hired gas hob fitting professionals who know exactly how to go about fitting gas hobs will be happy to help and we have excellent deals too! So do not hesitate to give us a call at the Cooker Service.

Our gas team is highly qualified in fitting gas hobs and are experienced in fitting gas hobs because they are all Gas Safe registered. This is vital when fitting gas hobs because it involves gas. Fitting gas hobs involves hiring a contractor to cut a hole in the worktop so the fitting of gas hobs can take place, which is then followed by an engineer fitting the gas hob, connecting all of the electrics and connecting the gas pipes together.

Fitting gas hobs is no easy task, and should not be taken lightly, there are many things that can go wrong, and there are many safety precautions to take when fitting gas hobs to ensure there are no gas leaks, which can lead to gas poisoning or even fires, electrical misconnections which can lead to faulty appliances, and the final safety checks our engineers at Cooker Service provide for free will ensure your gas appliance is working to the correct standard.

Hiring us at Cooker Service for the fitting of gas hobs, the job will be done before you know it and the hob will be ready to use in no time. You will definitely be guaranteed satisfaction with our service when fitting gas hobs. Do not think you are able to go about fitting gas hobs yourself because you think you may know the steps or because so and so did it. If you are not an expert with fitting gas hobs then why would you want to risk putting yourself in danger like that? It is also illegal for a non Gas Safe registered person to install any gas appliance themselves.

It is estimated that around one hundred people die every year and others left ill of health due to fitting gas hobs or other gas related appliances incorrectly. If anything wrong did happen when fitting gas hobs you would wonder if fitting gas hobs yourself was worth it at all. We can answer for you now that it wasn’t worth fitting gas hobs yourself.

So don’t put yourself in danger fitting gas hobs yourself but definitely do call us at Cooker Service and we will be happy to help. After all we are just a phone call away.

For gas hob fitting please contact Cooker Service immediately for a competitive price so we can arrange for a professional and qualified gas engineer to visit your property.  Our gas fitters are available at your convenience throughout London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent.

Call 0208 238 1982 or email and a member of our team will deal with your request straight away.

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