Connecting Gas Hob

Connecting a gas hob has always been a task to take seriously, since we are dealing with gas, it is crucial that when connecting a gas hob, you hire a professional who is competent and knows about connecting a gas hob. There is much to consider when connecting a gas hob, like which type of gas pipe to use, how much space to allow prior to the connecting of the gas hob, and how much space to leave around the hob for other cupboards, and much more.

All of our gas engineers at Cooker Service are fully aware of these issues when connecting a gas hob and take all of these gas hob related issues very seriously, after all we are dealing with gas and it is the safety of you and your household on the line, and why would you compromise either of these when connecting a gas hob by calling an inexperienced engineer to connect the hob or connecting the gas hob yourselves. Either of these mistakes when connecting a gas hob could result in drastic mishaps.

Connecting a gas hob is an age old trade and goes as far back as when the first gas hob was invented, as long as there has been a need for gas hobs, there has been a need for trained gas hob installers connecting the gas hobs for you, and there is a reason for this. Just like any profession, connecting a gas hob requires training and concentration as there is much that can go wrong, for example incorrectly connecting the gas pipes or soldering them too quickly can cause gas leaks, connecting the gas hob electrical wires wrongly will cause the gas hob to not work, not allowing enough space when connecting a gas hob can cause fires, and many more. This is why the engineers we hire at Cooker Service have many years of experience and undergo constant training to meet gas hob connecting needs.

So if you are looking for a professional for connecting your gas hob then give Cooker service a call and we can arrange a time convenient to you and connect your gas hob. For a gas hob fitting please contact Cooker Service immediately for a competitive price so we can arrange for one of our professional and qualified gas engineer to visit your property.  Our gas fitters are available at your convenience throughout London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent.

Call 0208 238 1982 or email and a member of our team will deal with your request straight away.

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