Connect Gas Hob

We at Cooker Service have many years experience in the gas trade and know much about how to connect a gas hob. Through years of experience and constant training we can connect a gas hob for our customers with ease and efficiency, ensuring you, our valued customer have a working gas hob within a couple of hours tops. If you have recently purchased a hob and are trying to connect your gas hob, don’t hesitate, just give Cooker Service a call and we can arrange a time suitable to you to meet and connect the gas hob for you.

There are several different methods to connect a hob depending on what type of cooker you want to be installed, for a gas hob, usually you would hire a carpenter to cut the hole in the worktop where you want the hob to go, then we would come in and fit and connect the gas hob for you. Connecting the wires is are fairly simple job but without experience and the correct training it could all go horribly wrong, which is why here at Cooker Service we strongly recommend you hire a professional to connect the gas hob, after all you are dealing with gas, it is your home and why should you risk any mishaps to it and your health.

Call a professional at Cooker Service today to for a quote and arrange a time that suits you to connect your gas hob. To connect a gas hob we no longer use a flexi hoses as this method has been proved inefficient, to connect a hob we now use rigid pipes made out of copper which as the name suggests are rigid and not flexible, this is because the hob will not need to be removed for cleaning or hob maintenance, thus the pipe does not need to be move, preventing any gas leakage possibilities.

We at Cooker Service know all about how to connect a gas hob and as stated before have many years of experience in the trade, alongside constant training and improvement of our engineer’s working knowledge, making us the best choice for all your gas hob fitting needs. To connect a hob takes time and skill, and is not something to be taken lightly, so do not try to connect a hob yourself, give us a call to connect an appliance at Cooker Service and we will get right on it and connect it for you.

For gas hob fitting please contact Cooker Service immediately for a competitive price so we can arrange for a professional and qualified gas engineer to visit your property.  Our gas fitters are available at your convenience throughout London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent.

Call 0208 238 1982 or email and a member of our team will deal with your request straight away.

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