Gas Hob Flame Failure Device

Have you ever heard of a gas hob flame failure device? Want to know what people mean when they talk about gas hob flame failure device and how it works on your gas hob?

A gas hob flame failure device is the same as the flame safety device. The gas hob flame failure device stops the gas supply to the gas hob whenever the flame shuts down. The gas hob flame failure device uses a thermocouple that is heated by the burner flame and generates electric current. This electrical current is attached to a small electromagnetic valve in the gas supply line. As long as the thermocouple stays hot, the electromagnetic valve stays open. If the gas hob flame dies due to interruption of gas supply or a liquid spillage, the thermocouple turns cold. This results in the automatic shut down of the valve as the current no longer passes through it.

Nowadays, all the gas cookers and hobs on the market come with an inbuilt gas hob flame failure device. So the next time you go out to purchase a new gas cooker or hob, make sure to buy the one with a gas hob flame failure device installed.

Your awareness about your gas hob and the gas hob flame failure device assures that you have taken adequate precautions to avoid incidents. Please call us now to get an appointment for the installation, disconnection or servicing or your gas hob, gas oven or gas cooker.

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