Gas Cooker Flame Failure Device

A gas cooker flame failure device is a device installed in your gas cooker or built in hob to protect the gas from spreading in your kitchen in case the flame is extinguished. According to the gas legislation in 2008, all residents of flats and multi-dwelling buildings have to have a gas cooker flame failure device installed into their appliance.

A gas cooker flame failure device uses a thermocouple that is connected to an electromagnetic valve in the gas supply line. As long as the thermocouple stays hot, electrical current passes through to the valve and the gas supply to the cooker remains open. When the flame is extinguished (for any reason) or if you forget to ignite the flame, the thermocouple goes cold and the current no longer passes and turns off the valve as a result.

Even if you live in a semi-detached or detached house, it is much safer to install a gas cooker with a gas cooker flame failure device as you can never be too safe.

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