Flame Safety Device

What is a flame safety device? Before purchasing a new gas cooker, hob or oven it is important for you to know what a flame safety device is. A flame safety device is a small device installed into your gas appliance which cuts off the gas if the flame goes out.

How a flame safety device operates
You come into your kitchen and turn on the knob at the side of your gas hob and ignite the flame. Suddenly there is a knock on the door you leave the gas appliance unattended, while a gust of air from the open door or a window blows out the flame. You come back after a good ten minutes not knowing that the gas was spreading in your kitchen meanwhile.

Here is where a flame safety device comes into picture. If your cooker, hob or oven is equipped with a flame safety device, the gas supply to the appliance would automatically be stopped once the flame goes out meaning that the gas has been cut off and is therefore not posing any harm to you, your family or your property.

Now this was a hypothetical situation but such safety issues are easily ignored by people. It doesn’t mean that these incidents don’t occur. They do and in some cases, the unfortunate ones suffer the consequences. If you are ignorant to the repercussions of your gas appliance, you are risking the safety of your family and your property.  If you own a property and are looking to buy a new cooker, ensure that you buy the one with flame safety device installed. Almost all the new cookers and gas hobs in the market come with flame safety device so it is not a difficult task to find one with it.

If you are a resident of a flat, it is a legal requirement for you to have a gas cooker, hob or oven with a fitted thermocouple. This thermocouple is the flame safety device that shuts off the gas supply as soon as it detects the flame is extinguished.

Our duty is your awareness. Your awareness is your safety.

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